Luovi Vocational College

Luovi is a Vocational School located in Liperi municipality. The location includes spaces for accommodation in addition to the study spaces. The accommodation consists of three buildings: Albert, Bertta, and Huttula. Each building has several rooms and each room has two beds. In addition, mattresses will be added to the rooms, so it is possible for 3-4 people to sleep in one single room. Unfortunately, there are not enough rooms for all 300 participants, but more sleeping places will be arranged in the classrooms. Sheets are included in the accommodation.

One of the rooms for three people.

Each room has a toilet and a shower.

Dining facilities and food preservation

Luovi Cafeteria has space for about 100 people at a time. Each accommodation building also has a kitchen with a refrigerator. In addition to the meals provided, Luovi has a small kiosk with snacks available for purchase.

The info, the kiosk and the cafeteria are located in the same building.


A classroom

Free Time

Free time will be plenty, even though there are a lot of scheduled activities. Luovi has excellent opportunities for spending time outdoors, like walking in the nature and sports. Swimming is also possible, with the permission granted by your own teacher. Each teacher is responsible for their students if swimming.

The area around Luovi has a lot of marked walking paths

A football field


Moving between Luovi and other locations has been arranged with Savo-Karjala Charter buses. The participants do not need to worry about tickets or timetables.