Learning Journal

What exactly is a learning journal?

A learning journal is a tool used to help document the project from the viewpoints of the students and the teachers. It also offers a sneak peek behind the scenes for others interested in the project. For a learning journal to be effective, it should be written regularly, so that every time something is done for the project, it will be added to the learning journal (this can be most effectively done by writing after every project meeting etc.) Reflecting your own experiences and evaluating accomplishment of set goals are the most important part of the journal. Thus, there are no wrong answers.

Who writes the journal?

Writing the journal is the responsibility of the teacher, but delegation can be used to have the students provide their insights on chosen areas (this can be all of them). Co-operation is the aim of the project and thus it should be apparent in the journal as well.

How is the journal made?

The journal is made in any way the authors deem most appropriate for their own project. For example, it can be a written text, or it can be a video journal.

Questions to help the journal making process

  • What was done? When was it done?
  • How did you end up using the chosen way of working?
  • How did the effort pan out? Was the chosen method appropriate?
  • How can you utilize the things you learned?
  • Did your preconceptions or previous knowledge of the topic change? If yes, how?
  • Did you accomplish the goals you set for the project/this particular session?
  • How will you continue the project from this point onwards?

What will the journal be used for?

The journal will be used to document and review the process as a whole. The most important thing is for us to tell everyone about the different process the participants have used. Summaries of the journals will be made for the general public and published on ENO and WSSC websites. The complete journals will be published only if explicitly agreed on with all the participants of that specific journal.

The journals will also be be used for research on co-design in an international network. The research focuses on different learning processes and ways to create teaching and learning material in an international network. Information on the learning journal, its use and other issues is available from kaija.saramaki@enoproramme.org

If we have your email address, you will receive an invitation to our digital platform by 23 April. You can upload your learning journals in the WSSC platform.