Summit fee

The summit fee is 300 euros per participant. It covers the overall programme, transportation in Finland, accommodation, and meals.

We have a reduced price for participants from less developed countries (ODA list by OECD)

Least Developed Countries 150e

Lower Middle Income Countries 200e

Upper Middle Income Countries 250e

See the list of ODC Recipients with categories

You pay the fee when you register 29 May in Luovi, Liperi.


It is possible and advisable to pay the participation fee before the Summit. In this case, we can send you an invoice either as a paper copy or email attachment. If you would like to pay in advance, please send us the following details to or to WSSC Howspace:

Name of payer

Address (street address, post code, city, country)


Name(s) of participants

Please also mention if you need the invoice as a paper copy or as an email attachment.