Population: 76 000

Area: 2751 km2

Founded: 1848

Sights, notable places: Pielisjoki River, Koli, Botania Gardens, The University of Eastern Finland

Traditional foods: karjalanpiirakka, Carelian pastry

More info on Joensuu:


The 12th largest city in Finland, Joensuu, is located in Eastern Finland, in the North Karelia region, close to the Russian border. The area of Joensuu has grown rapidly during recent years through the annexations of the neighboring regions, such as Eno and Pyhäselkä. The multitude of water areas in Joensuu define the area as a whole, with the city being built on the shore of Pyhäselkä Lake, and Pielisjoki River passing through the city. The name “Joensuu” actually means “The Mouth of the River”.

The European Forest Institute headquarters is also located in Joensuu.


The Transportation between Joensuu and other locations of the event has been organized with Savo-Karjala buses and the trains of VR (the national railway company). The participants do not need to worry about the tickets or the schedules.