We expect you to arrive at Helsinki Vantaa Airport, on Wednesday 29 May.

IMPORTANT: You should arrive at Helsinki in the morning or noon of May 29th.

The summit will start in Luovi, Liperi (Eastern Finland). It is located ca. 400 km North East from Helsinki. There will be a free bus transportation from the airport to Luovi (and also a free train from Joensuu to Helsinki 3 June).

At the airport, students wearing WSSC-logo t-shirts will guide you to the buses.


Buses will drive you directly to the destination, Luovi in Liperi.

Duration: about 6 hours

Departure and arrival times (two buses departs each time)

  • Bus A 10 AM, includes a visit to the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto (en route, takes two hours more), arrival 6 PM
  • BUS B 1 PM, arrival 7 PM
  • BUS C 4 PM, arrival 10 PM

The last buses will leave at 4 PM. If you miss it you have to come on your own.

It's also possible to fly directly to Joensuu if you want. If you choose that, let us know. As this is an environmental event we want to leave as small carbon footprint as possible.