WSSC 2019


29 MAY – 5 JUNE 2019

About WSSC

World Summit of Students for Climate is organised by ENO Schoolnet, in co-operation with the cities of Helsinki and Joensuu, municipality of Liperi, Ministry of Environment Finland and the Ministries for Forestry and Agriculture, for Education and for Foreign Affairs. The first part of the event will take place in Eastern Finland (Liperi and Joensuu, 29 May – 2 June). The second part will take place in Helsinki, where the disclosure and the climate agreement will be announced on the World Environment Day, 5 June 2019. All the schools in the world are invited to plant trees every year until 2025. The ultimate goal is to tie 3 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2025. The summit is endorsed by the president of the Republic of Finland, Mr Sauli Niinistö.

Focus on students

In the summit, there are about 90 teachers and 130 students and separate programs for both groups. For gender equality, a boy and a girl student is invited. Teachers have workshops in the field of education, natural sciences and circular economy, for instance. Students discuss about the climate change and forests, based on their preliminary assignment . They vote about the biggest threats of climate change and action needed. Our goal is to raise the voice of teenagers and encourage them to act together. When it comes to climate change, both mitigation and adaptation are needed and forests can play a key role. See below the sustainable development goals we are working for in the summit.



The Programme

You can find more detailed info of the WSSC programme on this site or by clicking on the banner below.

About this site

This site has been developed by Siri, Alisa and Anton, three students at the University of Eastern Finland as a part of their practical work in their pedagogical studies. If you have questions regarding WSSC after you have gone through this site, you can find contact information at the bottom of the page.